“My” Massage Therapist

I know that it can be attractive to buy massages off Groupon or other coupon sites each time you need some bodywork. They are deeply discounted,  so if you get a bad one, you’re not out much money, and if you get a really good one, well that was a great deal! That said, there are substantial benefits of going to the same massage therapist every time you need/want a massage.

When you have a regular massage therapist, they know your body. They know your health history and usual areas of tension or pain, and what techniques work best for you. Additionally, you are creating a relationship where you feel more comfortable with allowing deeper healing work to happen, than you might with a new therapist.

Along the same lines, when you receive massage from the same person in the same room, your body begins to associate the specific environmental cues with relaxation and healing. The feel of the sheets, the way the room smells, even the ambient noises, all give you a head start on relaxation. Even before we start the massage, your body has already begun the process which allows for greater results in the time frame of the session.

This all means you get more  value from each session for the money and time investment you are making.

Also, to me, saying “I need to go see my massage therapist” gives an extra little wave of feeling and anticipation. Maybe it’s the sense that you have someone specific who takes care of your health on this front, a health care partner who is more than just a random person at a random massage establishment. And telling your friend who is in pain or stressed out, “you should go see my massage therapist” seems like a better piece of advice than “go get a massage.” You have faith and trust that this person will take care of your friend as well as they take care of you.

SO, you develop a true health care relationship, get better results from your sessions, and you are an even better friend. Sounds like an all-around win to me.

Hopefully this has given you something to consider, let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below!

“My” Massage Therapist

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