What makes a Great massage?

Recently I was approached for my thoughts about what creates a great massage experience. Of course, this is something I have thought about quite a bit, because I want to give my clients the best experience I can. I am also a massage client myself, so I have some thoughts from that perspective.

As a consumer, the most important thing to me is that the therapist listens to what I say at the intake and adjusts the session accordingly. Therapists who don’t spend time on the focus areas we discussed, or who don’t listen to or remember my specific likes and dislikes, are not going to see me as a return client. Whether the problem is that the therapist isn’t grounded, or that they think they know what I need better than I do, both are BIG NO’s.

Also important to me is the first impression I get from their web presence. There are many practices I won’t even try out, even if they have a super cheap “first time client” deal, because they just don’t have enough information on the web, or what is there is so poorly designed that it gives the impression that the person just doesn’t care about their business.

And then of course, there is the actual massage. Therapist technique and skill are important, but more critical than that is the way the therapist listens to and works with my body, allowing release and relaxation instead of trying to force it with deep pressure. Does this therapist have a sense of how their touch feels from the client’s perspective? Sometimes the answer is “no,” and I won’t go back to those therapists.

As a therapist, I know what I look for as a client, and I try to keep that in mind when I am giving a massage. At Sarapeutic, I pay careful attention to the details. Custom aromatherapy, hot towels, and hot packs (if necessary and/or desired) are included in my price, instead of being an additional cost. I offer filtered water, luxurious sheets, a super comfortable face rest, and I carry a few of my favorite products as retail in case you want to take some home. I try to make my website informative and straightforward to navigate, and I have an easy-to-use 24 hour online booking system.

Tell me what you think! Do you have similar thoughts, or do different things matter to you? What makes a session great for you? And what would ruin it?

What makes a Great massage?

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